Attend this year’s Social Science Academic Conference on Globalization: Connectivity in an Integrated World on January 22, 2017

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The SSSC Academic Conference, “Globalization: Connectivity in an Integrated World” is a full-day event where students will be able to explore globalization through a variety of lenses. Globalization has changed the way that each individual learns about, experiences, and understands the world. We are now more connected than ever before; business and politics transcend borders, and information spreads freely over the internet.

We will start the day with a presentation by Karen Hussey, Ph.D from the Psychology department of Western and King’s who will speak on technology and connectivity’s effects on our perceptions, followed by student paper awards and a series of breakout rooms hosted by Western professors. Each breakout room will feature topics from different departments or faculties and will explore a different aspect of globalization and its effects on various disciplines of Social Science.

Following the day’s events, we are excited to welcome Arlene Dickinson as our evening keynote speaker! Arlene is an incredibly successful businesswoman was one of the Dragons on the CBC TV Series ‘Dragon’s Den’ for 7 seasons. She is the CEO of Venture Communications and YouInc. and works with many other organizations. Her success and leadership has been recognized with multiple honours and awards including: Canada’s Most Powerful Women Top 100, the Pinnacle Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence, as well as PROFIT and Chatelaine’s TOP 100 Women Business Owners. To find out more, visit her website here.

Full Day Conference Tickets are $10 while the evening keynote alone is $15. Registration starts at 11:00AM and the evening keynote presentation begins at 6:00PM, though there will be food served at the Wave from 4:00PM onwards. Those who do not validate their conference tickets at the UCC in the morning will be required to pay the full fee for the keynote.

Below is the itinerary of the day’s events:


11:00AM – Conference Registration

11:30-12:30 – Morning Keynote Speaker; Karen Hussey Ph.D

Speaking Topic: Perceptions of Interconnectedness: Psychology Online

12:30-1:30 – Paper Competition Awards and Presentations

1:30-2:30 – Lunch Break

2:30-4:00 – Breakout Room Presentations

4:00-6:00 – Cocktails and Evening Keynote Arrival

6:00 – Evening Keynote Speaker; Arlene Dickinson


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