Social Science Reading Room



The Faculty of Social Science and the Social Science Students’ Council (SSSC) are pleased to announce the completion of the Social Science Reading Room. This addition to the Social Science Centre was made possible through a collaborative effort between Western’s Provost Office, the Faculty of Social Science, Social Science Students’ Council, and the Social Science Student Donation Fund.

The Social Science Students’ Council will hold office hours within the Reading Room from Monday to Friday between the hours of 9 AM and 4 PM. The Reading Room will be accessible to students enrolled in the social science faculty during the aforementioned times. On weekdays after 4 PM and on weekends, students enrolled in a minimum of one Social Science course will be granted Western One Card access to the study space. No students are permitted to access the Room between the hours of 11 PM and 7 AM from Monday to Sunday.   Students are expected to leave the room at 11:00pm.  Collaborative spaces can be booked during operational hours using the link below. Should a collaborative space be unreserved, as shown on the booking system, students may use said space until the next scheduled booking time.

Please be considerate of others when using the Reading Room and adhere to the posted signage stipulating rules of use. Students are expected to maintain a level of noise conducive to studying and behave respectfully, uphold a clean and tidy area, refrain from the consumption of food, and drink from lidded beverages only.

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